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Freight Village RU on the UNESCAP Regional Conference

Bangkok, June 11, 2019 – a  United Nations Social and Economy Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) Regional Conference for logistics service providers took place at the United Nations Conference Center.


The aim of this annual Conference was to discuss the relevant problems of the contemporary logistics, to share the advanced experience in cargo dispatch, in organization the multimodal transportations and in providing transport-logistics services.


The Russian Federation was presented by UTLC and Freight Village RU and its Director for GR and international organizations cooperation Alexander Oleynikov. There were also authorities and transport-logistics associations representatives from 16 countries of the Asia and Pacific region.


During his presentation «The concept of «freight village» in logistics development: experience from the Russian Federation», Alexander shared the information about the history and the realization of the Vorsino project, the new innovative technologies implemented by the company and the perspective directions providing the increase of the effectiveness, quality, speed of the cargo delivery and the reduce of the logistics expenditures in the frame of the regional logistics optimization.

During the Conference a special attention was paid to the issue of multimodal transport terminology. The UNESCAP secretariat supported by the Conference participants offered to stress the reasonability of creating the united system of terminology to use while transporting the cargo between the countries, as this will make it possible to optimize the transportation documents acceptance and to digitalize the transport-logistics processes.

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