Freight Village RU
About us
FREIGHT VILLAGE RU group of companies (FV RU) includes logistics, customs and real estate development businesses.
The Group offers warehouse and industrial facilities for rent and owner-occupation, industrial land for sale and delivers rail container terminal and customs services to the market, as well as developing large-scale industrial and residential projects.
In 2012 FREIGHT VILLAGE RU started development of the biggest multimodal industrial-logistics centre in Russia in unique concept of ‘freight village’ – Freight Village Vorsino and Freight Village Rosva.
FREIGHT VILLAGE VORSINO (federal format of freight village, 570 ha) located on the border of New Moscow and Kaluga region as a part of Industrial Park Vorsino.
FREIGTH VILLAGE ROSVA (interregional format of freight village, 64 ha) located on the border of Kaluga as a part of Industrial Park Rosva.
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Freight VillageVorsino
  • Location 70 km, M3
    (South-West of the MKAD)
  • Total area - 570 Ha
  • Rail terminal 6 railway spurs with 1050 m effective handling length each
  • Multimodal customs zone
  • Container terminal 39 Ha
  • Class A Warehouses (73,787 sqm)
  • Handling capacity to 350,000 TEU/year
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Freight VillageRosva
  • Location 190 km, M3
    (South-West of the MKAD)
  • Total area 64 Ha
  • Rail terminal 6 railway spurs with 850-1050m effective handling length each
  • Container terminal 14 Ha (simultaneous storage of 2,500 TEU)
  • Truck terminal 5 Ha
  • Warehouses (4,000 sqm)
  • Current handling capacity 150 000 TEU/year
Project Support
  • The Government Of The Kaluga Region

  • The Kaluga Region Development Corporation

  • The Borovsk District Administration

  • DGG - Deutschen GVZ-Gesellschaft

  • Association of European Business (AEB)

  • Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia

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