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The Transport & Logistics Center Vorsino will double the capacity

The new container terminal “West” was put into operation on the territory of the Transport & Logistics Center “Vorsino”. Thus, the total capacity of Vorsino terminal will increase up to 350,000 TEU per year.

On May 14, a solemn ceremony of commissioning the “West” Container Terminal was held on the territory of the Transport & Logistics Center “Vorsino”. The opening ceremony was attended by Vladislav Shapsha, Governor of the Kaluga Region, Maxim Akimov, Director General of Russian Post, JSC, Yermek Kosherbayev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation, Sergey Shishkarev, President of Delo Group of Companies, Ruslan Zalyvatsky, Managing Director of Freight Village RU and Peter Baskakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Freight Village Kaluga North, LLC.

The operator of the Transport & Logistics Center “Vorsino” is Freight Village Kaluga North LLC, where 70% belongs to the Freight Village RU and 30% belongs to TransContainer PJSC (part of Delo Group of Companies). With launching of the new “West” Container Terminal, the capacity of one-time storage of Vorsino will increase up to 9,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent). The implementation of the new stage of the project will improve the quality of service and the processing speed of container trains, increasing the total capacity of the Vorsino terminal up to 350,000 TEU per year. Two modern RMG Liebherr gantry container cranes with a span of 32 meters and a load capacity of 45 tons will allow handling two railways and one automobile front at the same time, storing 10 rows of containers of three containers in height.

“We believe in the versatility of a container for the transportation of almost any cargo and in serious prospects for increasing the turnover of containerized cargo and increasing the cargo base. For our clients, sustainability, safety and speed transform into business efficiency. From the date of foundation, Delo Group of Companies has been making investments in the development and expansion of transport and warehouse infrastructure, which helps us to forcast market behavior and keep up with the times and demand. The Vorsino terminal is an important part in TransContainer's logistics, its total capacity growth will increase the volume and efficiency of cargo handling, as well as the attractiveness of our services for customers," said Sergey Shishkarev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delo Group.

“Since the start of the Freight Village project in 2010, the Freight Village RU Group has invested almost 7.5 billion rubles. Following market trends, we are constantly expanding the range of services and creating the appropriate infrastructure for specific customer needs. The commissioning of additional capacities will double the terminal's processing capacity, reducing the processing time for container trains and accelerate the turn-around of rolling stock,” said Ruslan Zalivatsky, Managing director of Freight Village RU Group.

Today the Transport & Logistics Center "Vorsino" makes the top three handling container terminals in the Moscow transport hub. In 2020, Vorsino processed 143 thousand TEUs. The time-slotting system introduced in 2019 and revised in 2020 contributes to the prompt and most accurate planning of the work of all participants in the transportation process. Excluding correspondence by e-mail and on paper, the system allows you to place an application, providing automatic approval of the request by the warehouse, security service and operational services. The terminal uses advanced technologies for handling container cargo, the latest vehicles working 24/7 such as 7 reachstackers and 4 terminal tractors.


The dynamic development of goods containerization in Russia has given rise to modern terminals construction on the territory of the country; they operate according to the most advanced warehouse technologies using highly efficient equipment and qualified personnel. This allows handling large volumes of containerized cargo efficiently and on time.

In 2010 with the support of the Government of the Kaluga Region in cooperation with Russian Railways, JSC Kaluga Region Development Corporation, the Administration of Borovsk district and the State Development Corporation "VEB.RF”, Freight Village RU Group launched project on Russia's first multimodal transport and logistics center as freight village. The total area of ​​the freight village is 570 ha.

The concept of a freight village is based on a combination of such elements as transport infrastructure, container terminal, industrial land ready for the logistics and production facilities location, customs services and other service infrastructure.

In 2013, the first stage of the Vostok container terminal project was put into operation, which began its work on Vorsino railway station basis.

In June 2017, TransContainer, PJSC took 30% equity holding in Freight Village Kaluga Sever LLC (FVK Sever).  

In the territory of Freight Village Vorsino such companies as Agrotorg, LLC (Pyaterochka DC), Total Vostok, LLC, OMIA Ural, LLC, KSS RUS, LLC (logistics distribution hub for the SIBUR's polymer products logistics),FlintGroup, LLC.

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