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Freight Village RU and Light Industrial development

On April 14, 2017 in Moscow, the Moscow Investors' Association and Skladman USG held a conference "Development of small warehouses: divide and rule", a strategic partner of which was the Freight Village RU group of companies.

The format of "small warehouses" or Light Industrial unites warehousing and production facilities with separate units ranging in size from 500 to 2,500 sq.m. According to Skladman USG, this format already represents a quarter of the warehouse market with the prospect of rapid growth, and the capitalization of this segment in the Moscow region accounts to 150 billion rubles.


Light Industrial has great prospects for development alongside large industrial parks. Here we see many requests for small plots and premises up to 3,000 sq.m. from suppliers or contractors of operating industries.

Vice-President Real Estate Development Freight Village RU Yana Kuzina

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